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Molting Sale: March 12th to 31st!

2nd Mar, 18

Like the deadly tarantula in the wild, we must shed our excess and make way for bigger and better things. Starting on March 12th, Hairy Tarantula Yonge & Steeles will be hosting its first ever Molting Sale!

March 12 to 18: Buy One Get One Free on Select Inventory

March 19 to 25: Buy One Get Two Free on Select Inventory

March 26 to 31: BUY BY THE POUND

As well as these great deals, all month long starting March 12!
US Cover Price: Graphic Novels
15% OFF: Board Games/Role Playing/Wargaming
20% OFF: All TCG Singles
25% OFF: Gaming Supplies
30% OFF: Pre-Owned Games/Role Playing
30% OFF: Non-English MTG, Damaged MTG Singles, and Played MTG Foils
$99.95: Aether Revolt & Oath of the Gatewatch Booster Boxes


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